Sunday, February 21, 2010

End Of A Crazy Week!

By: Shane Terenzi

So Fashion Week is over (finished Thursday) and now I can actually have some time to write and reflect on the week. As it was my first Fashion Week, there was a lot to take in. From “The Tent”, to the parties, to the lines, and the schedule of shows – it all was very overwhelming. I have to say how much I loved it though. When I think of what a fashion show is, I think of the stereotypes: skinny models, techno music, gorgeous clothes, etc. And what Fashion Week is, are the stereotypes and more. The atmosphere of when the lights change from the seating lighting to show lighting, or when the gorgeous “wow” piece comes out and you hear everyone around you gasp, or even, the thrill of seeing your favorite model or designer walk the runway, it was all so much fun.

I saw a total of 10 shows that included Tim Hamilton Redux Men, Frank Tell, Cynthia Rowley, Althea Harper, Vaute Couture, Araks show, Toni Maticevski, Ecliptica, Edition by Georges Chakra, and The Red Dress Collection. Wow! No two shows were similar and the point of view of the designers varied so much- some felt like they were showing spring/summer collections and others felt that they were depressed in the dead of winter.

Outside of the shows that I got to see, The Fashion Journal threw its Winter 2010 issue launch party on Tuesday night at HK Lounge. The event went so well with a packed party, celebrities, and friends to celebrate the issue. We put a lot of work into the party with finding over 20 sponsors, making amazing gift bags, and most importantly, getting the word out about the magazine. I think after this Fashion Week, we are on a roll and need to keep going with it. Carol Hannah Whitfield from Project Runway was our guest of honor as she was our cover model and seemed really happy with the event. She brought fellow Project Runway friends including Logan, Epperson, and Althea. Kristin Alderson from One Life To Live was also sweet enough to stop in for a bit.

So overall, very excited, feel like there is momentum that I want to keep going with, and feel relieved I got through my first Fashion Week. So my two big goals by the next fashion week: hopefully have signed with an agent or successfully teamed up to be someone’s personal makeup artist and have two more successful issues of TFJ published. Wish me luck!

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