Thursday, February 11, 2010

Toni Maticevski Fall/Winter 2010 Fashion Show for NY Fashion Week

By: Shane Terenzi

I just went to the Toni Maticevski Fall/Winter 2010 Fashion Show at the Altman Building for New York Fashion Week. What a great show. Maticevski used a lot of light and sheer fabrics, surprisingly for a fall/winter collection. He played with a lot of asymmetry and broke down a lot of the pieces. His opening piece, a silk tulle and organza skirt with Silk sunray pleat overlay, was something out of a snow princesses wardrobe. It moved very well and the silhouette was new and interesting. I think that his overall collection flowed very well with some stand out pieces that drew the attention from the white and muted color palette. An example of this was his thirteenth look- a polka dot chiffon top with sequin silk drape skirt, or his eleventh look- an old gold satin drape bias top with pencil leg stripe pant and crop boot. This look was trendy, wearable, and season appropriate. One look that I did not like was his twentieth look- a one shoulder black tube dress with sleeve detail and black boots. This look looked like it was a Jersey girl going to a club and she somehow got pushed onto the runway. It took down the overall class of the collection and did not seem coherent. I really enjoyed his work. He puts a lot of detailing into his pieces which makes the individual look very expensive and like its one of a kind.

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