Monday, March 1, 2010

Julianne Moore On The Cover

By: Shane Terenzi

Julianne Moore graced the cover this Sunday's T: The New York Times Style Magazine and looks amazing. It always surprises me when a celebrity does such avant-garde makeup for something so widely distributed as this magazine. Her makeup in this shot was a combination of clown and mime makeup- a white foundation, bold red lip and her eye’s had a blue cat eye shape to them. You do not see her hair at all as its pulled back with a black headband. The other pictures from the shoot were highly artistic as well. My favorite was the very ice-y blue picture. Her hair is very relaxed, looked as if it was just brushed out. Her makeup was simple, a nice comparison to the first shot, using a nude/pink lip and stone light blue eye shadow.

In the article, Moore talks a lot about her role in “A Single Man”, the Tom Ford movie that starred Collin
Firth. Also, she talks about her natural hair color, red. This is the question and answer:

“Maybe it’s your hair color. At the beginning of your career, did anyone suggest you dye your natural red hair blond, as, say, Nicole Kidman did?”

“No. [Laughs.] Although my very first director told me that if you have red hair, somebody is casting you for a reason. He said, “There will be parts that you don’t get because, especially onstage, people can see you.” I’ve been wigged plenty of times, but the funny thing is that even when I have a different hair color, people tend to still remember me as having red hair.”

Congrats, Julianne! The issue looks amazing and so does every shot of her.

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Photo Credits: Avant-garde:, Ice-y: NY Times

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