Thursday, February 10, 2011

Numberlab and The Red Dress Collection

By: Shane Terenzi
Fashion Week was kicked off yesterday here in NYC with two fabulous shows: Numberlab and The Heart Truth’s Red Dress Collection. Numberlab started with a hockey scrimmage outside The Standard Hotel and then continued inside on the 3rd floor. There was a total of twenty-two looks and each one was better than the next. From perfectly tailored blazers, to electric green jeans, Numberlab truly designed for the well dressed, hip young men of today. Later in the evening was the Red Dress Collection at Lincoln Center – the first show at the tents. Each year the top designers create a red dress and they pair it with a celebrity. This year such celebrities were spotted on the runway including Dita Von Teese (wearing Zac Posen), Taraji P. Henson (Naeem Khan), “Today Show” host Ann Curry, singer Natasha Bedinfield, singer Eve, professional dancer Julianna Hough, and reality star Audrina Patridge – to name a few. Each gown was gorgeous, fit the star to a “T” and more importantly raised awareness of women’s heart disease. A great way to start a crazy week of shows

Friday, January 28, 2011

Ladies, You Must Try!!!

By: Erica Maniscalco

There are very few things that ladies and gents have in common when it comes to grooming. But there is one ritual that everyone must do and hate doing it. This would be SHAVING! From the time my mother showed me how to use a razor to now it is something I always hated the results of. My legs always became irritated and I never felt they were completely smooth. And obviously I am not a guy but from what my guy friends and family members say they always have some kind of issue with shaving their beard. For those of you that read our last issue (IF YOU HAVEN'T PLEASE GO ONLINE) writer Patrick Joseph wrote Solving The Shave for men. This blog is for the ladies! I am here to tell you about these amazing products that were recommended to me by The Fashion Journal's very own Media and Talent Director Shane Terenzi. So I decided to go check it out at The Art Of Shaving. To my surprise I found out that they also carried women's products. Being a sucker to beauty products I purchased them. I started out with the shaving cream and pre-shave oil, this was $$$ enough. One shave and I was hooked. My legs never felt so good, the products were amazing. The pre-shave oil actually softened the hair and all you needed was a drop of the shaving cream to get the perfect shave. There was one product left to try out and that was the after-shave body milk. So yet again the sucker went back and bought it. And sure enough it was good too. What was nice about the body milk was it did not clog your pores or sting. Oh and I forgot to add how nice they smelled. That fresh clean feeling without being too strong.

I have been spreading the news ever since. Just when I found the perfect shaving cream my friend told me they will be discontinuing the women's line. So I had to investigate! Apparently it wasn't a big seller, not because women didn't like it but they didn't know it existed. The good news is that the only difference between the men and women's line is really the scent. Women are replacing the women's products with the lavender scented men's products.

So if you are looking for the perfect shaving products check out The Art of Shaving. All their products are sold online or you can go to a store near you, they have multiple locations. If you go now you still can buy the women's line, while supplies last.

Hope you enjoy!

Armani Prive Shows in Paris!

By: Shane Terenzi

With only 20 days to Fashion Week in NYC and the Fall/Winter 2011 collections debuting around the world, the
fashion world is talking. Sometimes the reviews are amazing, other times, not so much, so what is your opinion on Armani Prive’s Spring 2011 collection showing yesterday in
Paris? With Sophia Loren, Olivia Wilde, and Jodi Foster sitting front row – the
collection began with a bold and shimmery jacket, skirt and leggings combination. The unique fabric and color looked
like liquid mercury flowing down the runway. His collection as a whole was incredibly futuristic, transcending many fashion rules and trends – but then again, Armani, I don’t believe,
listens to trends, he makes them.