Monday, February 8, 2010

The Fashion Journal's Winter 2010 Issue!

By: Shane Terenzi

For the last four months I have been working a lot with a fashion magazine, The Fashion Journal. The Fashion Journal is a quarterly fashion publication dedicated to showcasing emerging designers in the realm of fashion, art, photography, beauty, accessories, etc. Since November I worked on three separate stories for their Winter 2010 Issue. It has been so much work but has been so rewarding. This morning I was checking emails and going to my websites I always check, and when I clicked on The Fashion Journal’s website, I saw the cover of the issue I have been working on! It was so cool to see my work on such a professional site…I felt so proud!

The three stories that I was a part of in this issue was the cover story about Project Runway’s Carol Hannah Whitfield, The American Women fashion editorial, and the Beauty editorial spread. It is so interesting that each of these shoots felt so different, even thought my role was relatively the same. For the cover story, my friend (and amazing makeup artist/ beauty editor of TFJ) Erica Maniscalco, asked me if she thought Carol Hannah might be interested in the idea of a little story on her. I was lucky enough to do Carol Hannah’s makeup for The Emmy’s, so I said I could reach out to her and ask. Carol Hannah wrote back excited about the story and so we had that shoot in the planning stages. Before planning these shoots with Erica, I always thought that there was little to do in the way of planning for a photo shoot. I quickly learned I was soooo wrong! We luckily had the great opportunity to work with photographer Carsten Fleck and he has a studio in Brooklyn. The only thing left for this shoot was a stylist- and the amazing Sarah Shirley joined on the team. This shoot fell together quickly and, in comparison, was pretty easy.

The second story we worked on was The American Girl fashion editorial. Now this is the one in planning sounded fun and simple, but when we started getting the ball rolling, things came up that we had not expected. We held go-sees for models to come in to see if we could find someone that looked like the dolls we were pulling from inspiration. Even after we found two of the four models, we had to plan four separate location photo shoots in the month of December. Since it was a fashion story, we wanted the same photographer and stylist. Reaching out to one of the photographers both Erica and I have worked with before, Damian Sandone joined and through another connection Erica had, we got Rowshana Jackson and Jason Bui to style. The locations that we got for the shoots were so much fun. One of them was McSorley’s Bar in the East Village. Since it is a bar, and to not disrupt business, we were given the bar to shoot in from 1am-9am. The “Molly” shoot was in an incredible airplane hanger at the American Power Museum in Long Island. There were vintage planes all from WWII that we got to use as our backdrop. The third crazy location we shot at was on a beach off the Belt Parkway. Yes, a beach on January 2nd is very very cold and windy. We braved the weather and got amazing shots. The fourth and final shoot was in a studio; it kind of was a treat for the crew after the three previous shoots!

As a makeup artist who has just begun his career, today was a cool day to see my work published for the first time. I am so proud of the work we all accomplished and it gives me motivation for the future. I know I get down if I am not getting as much work as I would like or if a shoot doesn’t go exactly the way I had imagined but when something you work so hard on comes out better than the way you would have ever imagined you just want everyone to see it! So go check it out and let me know what you think!

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Photo Credits: All Pictures- The Fashion Journal

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