Saturday, February 13, 2010

Edition Collection by Georges Chakra FW '10

By: Shane Terenzi

I just sat for the Edition Collection by Georges Chakra at the Promenade Tent, and the show was great. It was a massive collection of forty-two listed looks with several of them being separates. The overall theme of the collection was tailored and structured. He took masculine ideas and made them feminine. On every look that he had, he played with the back of the dress. Sometimes their were cut outs, in other looks there were specific detailing, etc.

The stand out piece for me was his one shoulder gold lame gown with a beaded butterfly detail on the back. This gown when the model turned for her walk just struck the audience. I could see this immediately on the red carpet for the Oscars. What I like about Chakra is that his clothes are wearable. They are sophisticated, elegant, and look expensive, but simple. Nothing outrageous to draw attention, the attention is drawn because of the subtleties. Another theme in his collection was the tuxedo jacket. Of course the tuxedo jacket has been done before, but Chakra played with it. Usually worn backwards, the jackets neckline created a plunging back V that became very sexy. He had one dress that was a fun black crepe reversed tuxedo cocktail dress. For more of an evening look had a mink silk faille reversed tuxedo gown. So, he played with the orientation of the jacket, the length, the fabric, etc. It really worked in his collection.

The only complaint I had was the middle section of his show where his looks all had this Chantilly lace overlay. Although the lace itself was gorgeous, he used either too much of it in the case of his black gabardine strapless cocktail dress but then layered it in a longer version of Chantilly lace. It was unnecessary and distracted the viewer from the actual cocktail dress.

Overall- a gorgeous collection that will do very well in FW 2010. I haven’t paid much attention to Chakra before this and now will be looking to see what he will be doing in future collections.

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Photo Credit: Kristian Dowling

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