Monday, February 1, 2010

The Grammy Awards & Two Clear Trends...

By: Shane Terenzi

The Grammys were tonight and as everyone knows, Grammy’s fashion can be from glamorous to just plain ugly, and tonight was no exception. We got to see stars like Taylor Swift walk the red carpet in a stunning Kaufman Franco glitzy gown to Rihanna taking more of a risk and wearing a gown from Elie Saab Haute Couture. It was fun to see the personal styles of these musicians come out in what they wore.

So what were the trends of the stars’ makeup? Looking over the pictures I can see that a soft lip and bolder eye is making a mark on this award season. Beyonce looked flawless (as usual). Her eye shadow drew attention but wasn’t over board. Taking a highly pigmented black, she only shadowed until the natural crease of her eye. In doing this it made the shadow almost an extension of an eyeliner and accentuated the natural shape of her eye. Then with a light skin tone color, she applied from the inner corner of her eye and underneath as a drop shadow. This prevented the black from closing in her eyes and making them appear smaller than they are. It effectively offset the heaviness of the black. Miley Cyrus had a similar makeup look to Beyonce. Instead of the glossed natural lip color, she used a matte nude color that matched her skin tone very well. Her eyes were more of a smoky eye but again, only using the dark colors up to the natural crease and using a small amount of a dark drop shadow. Carrie Underwood and Marissa Miller took it just a little farther with a heavier drop shadow under the eye. This worked for both of them as Underwood had such big, piercing eyes, and Miller had such a light lip the attention to the eyes wasn’t in competition with anything else.

The other major trend I saw happens to be my favorite. The bold pink lip. I love the color pink and I love attention brought with an electric, fun color. Of course Lady Gaga draws attention with anything that she does, but her look for tonight’s red carpet was amazing. Her gown (and not your traditional gown) was designed by Armani and was truly a piece of art. Up to her makeup - she chose a dark eye with a fierce eyebrow and strong lip. This is a hard look to pull off and Gaga did it with ease. Jennifer Hudson’s look was simple. She rocked an all black Victoria Beckham dress, a bumped up natural eye and ended with the splash of color on her lips. I think the color pink on one’s lips just brings out such a personality of the women that wear it. Makeup is supposed to be fun and using a hot pink lipstick is so much fun!

To achieve the looks that the stars wore tonight all you have to do is get the products that they use! MAC Cosmetics have amazing “pigments” for eye shadows. Get either Dark Soul (black) or Rich Life (brown) to made a nice smoky eye. The lipstick that Miley Cyrus was wearing is most likely Dolce & Gabbana’s Classic Cream Lipstick in Nude and if you want to throw a splash of color in your life like Lady Gaga, use NARS Semi-Matte Lipstick in Schiap.

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