Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pay Attention To My Eyes

By: Shane Terenzi

This morning I was looking at celebrity photos from Thursday and Friday, trying to figure out what to write about. I pulled a bunch of them into a folder, looked on the web for more, but when I reviewed the photos that stood out to me of having professional, attractive makeup, a closer look revealed they all had on a similar style. I am not saying that this is bad by any means, just an interesting observation. Take a look at Kate Walsh at the premiere of "Legion" in Hollywood and Jennifer Lopez at the launch party for make-up artist Scott Barnes' book "About Face" in New York. Now of course they do not have on the exact same colors or even finish to their lips, but comparatively, their makeup compliments their own skins natural tones in the same way. With a dark eye as both of them have, it draws focus away from their other features and to their eyes. Walsh applied a classic Fashion Eyeliner (where the bottom eyeliner comes up and meets the top eyeliner). She accented this with a dark eye shadow on the outer edge of her eye transitioning into a lighter almost nude color towards the bridge of her nose. What this accomplishes is attention to the eye without closing in and making the eyes look smaller than they are. The attention she wanted was for her eyes and that was completely effective. Lopez accomplished the same goal of making her eyes the center focus but did it in a different way. Instead of doing the Fashion Eyeliner she did more of a Natural Eyeliner (where the liner ends in a wedge at the outer corner of the eye). With the increased thickness of the liner and the eye shadow being a dark dusting, focus was brought up to her eyes. Walsh and Lopez had several things that were the same in their makeup. In the eye shadow they started dark at the outer edge of the eye and transitioned into a lighter color at the nose. Their cheeks were a rose color without over doing it and they both finished with a nude or natural lip with a bit of gloss. Obviously both of these looks are red carpet ready and both brought out such natural beauty without looking over done.

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