Friday, January 28, 2011

Armani Prive Shows in Paris!

By: Shane Terenzi

With only 20 days to Fashion Week in NYC and the Fall/Winter 2011 collections debuting around the world, the
fashion world is talking. Sometimes the reviews are amazing, other times, not so much, so what is your opinion on Armani Prive’s Spring 2011 collection showing yesterday in
Paris? With Sophia Loren, Olivia Wilde, and Jodi Foster sitting front row – the
collection began with a bold and shimmery jacket, skirt and leggings combination. The unique fabric and color looked
like liquid mercury flowing down the runway. His collection as a whole was incredibly futuristic, transcending many fashion rules and trends – but then again, Armani, I don’t believe,
listens to trends, he makes them.

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